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Huabao International Holdings Ltd Signed An Agreement of Strategic Partnership With China Tobacco Yunnan

Correspondent / Jiejie Pang


The  leadership of CT Yunnan have visited Huabao headquarter on May 23rd. Accompanied by the Huabao Chairlady, Madam Chu, they have visited  the administration building, R&D center, production plants etc. of the domestic headquarters of Huabao Group..

Later, on a communication meeting, Huabao leadership has introduced  current status and future development direction of the company . Visitors praised the work efficiency and achievements of Huabao management team. Under harmonious atmosphere, prospect for cooperation was talked and both parties have presented the intentions of further cooperation. Finally, both parties reached a consensus with an agreement of strategic cooperation signed  onsite.  

The signing of the agreement is an icon for deeper and wider cooperation between CT Yunnan and Huabao. It will greatly promote the development for the both in the future.


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