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One of Huafang Aohuada?s Developments is Awarded with the Title of ’Guangdong Province Independently Innovative Products’

Correspondent /Yanmei Xu


Recently, one of our products was awarded with the title of ’Independently Innovative Products in Guangdong Province’.

This title was established by Guangdong Provincial Government in order to promote the development of new products and innovative solutions for the industry in the region. To be eligible for this award, the companies must have independent intellectual property rights on the products developed, independent brands, a high degree of innovation, advanced technology and dependable quality with rigorous assessment. The title of “Independent Innovative Products” is valid for three years and the product is given priority in the government procurement. Also, the company that obtained such a product will receive great support for ‘New High-tech Enterprise’ authentication and the commercialization of S&T research findings. 

This award  has improved the overall competitiveness of the company and laid a solid foundation for further development.


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