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Lab Jointly Established by Guangdong Golden Leaf Technology & Development Co., Ltd (GD GL) and China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial Co., Ltd. Passes National Key Lab Certification


On Jan.14, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration officially released the list of 7 key labs of the tobacco industry in China. The national key lab of tobacco industry on reconstituted tobacco leaf technology research jointly established by GD GL and China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial Co., Ltd. becomes the only lab for reconstituted tobacco leaf and GD GL thus becomes the only reconstituted tobacco leaf manufacturer with national key lab in China, mirroring the high appreciation of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of the contribution and innovation made by GD GL to the tobacco industry and also manifesting the leading technology edges and research competence of the company. 

As the earliest enterprise engaged in the industrial research and development of reconstituted tobacco leaf making with paper-making technologies in China, GD GL has sturdily carried out the strategy upheld by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration to “promote the development of the tobacco industry through science and education” and continuously enhance the hard strength of the enterprise, relying on the advantageous resources of the national base on paper-making reconstituted tobacco leaf research and development. It has finished its first iconic production line of paper-making reconstituted tobacco leaf in China”, “first dry reconstituted tobacco leaf medium-scale pilot production line in the world” and other “from 0 to 1” scientific innovation projects and has taken the lead to undertake 4 key industrial projects during the 12th Five Year Plan period and 20 provincial scientific research projects. Five of its research achievements are rated by industrial panel as world’s leading and internationally advanced.

A series of breakthrough research findings as well as the certification of the national key lab strengthened the leading position of GD GL in scientific research. Relying on its 15 years’ scientific research expertise in reconstituted tobacco leaf, GD GL has built up a whole chain scientific research system covering cigarette making technique, tobacco chemistry, pulping and papermaking, cigarette flavor blending and mechanical equipment and its key universal, fundamental and creative research findings have been widely used in the whole tobacco industry and has played an active industrial irradiation effect for Chinese-style cigarette.

In the nextthree years, GD GL National Key Lab will be built into the most professional reconstituted tobacco leaf industry integrated scientific research platform in China and will focus on the key universal, fundamental scientific research work and achievement popularization. The lab will further extend national key projects to explore new possibilities and make breakthroughs horizontally and vertically. 

  • Vertically it will explore the potentials to enhance the reconstituted tobacco leaf making technologies and improvement of the product quality, enhance the applicability and internal quality of reconstituted tobacco leaf formula to strengthen the cleaning and production capacityof the industry;
  • Horizontally it will expand the application range of reconstituted tobacco leaf raw materials and new reconstituted tobacco leaves to make innovative reconstituted tobacco through dry methods, low-temperature cigarette making, featured reconstituted tobacco and other great variety of new tobacco materials.

In 2016, under the new normal situations of the national economy and shrink regulation of the tobacco industry, GD GL carries out the speed-up program based on scientific and technological innovation and targets at building up market-based leading technology platform and continuously maintain the leading technology advantage of the industry to support and promote the tobacco industry technology innovation and Chinese-style tobacco sustainable development in China through its own hard work and innovation. 

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