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Guangdong Jin Ye Wastewater Treatment and Drainage System Highly Appreciated by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau


On June 6, the “Environmental Protection Opening Day” initiated by Shantou Municipality, Shantou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organized NPC members of the Shantou Municipality and Chaoyang District, relevant officials of the environmental protection authorities at the municipal and district levels and a galaxy of social elite who are concerned about the environment to pay a visit to Guangdong Jin Ye and its wastewater treatment and drainage system. “Before the treatment, the wastewater is pitch-dark but looks clean like tap water after treatment. Seeing the amazing effect of the treatment at the terminal end of the wastewater treatment system, most visitors took photos of the amazing system with their mobile phones one after another.

It is learnt that Guangdong Jin Ye has invested RMB 25 million in the transformation project of the system and adopted the world first-class biochemical treatment system, which significantly enhances the social benefit of the company and has helped the company to treat its wastewater automatically and also reduce the preparation cost in the treatment.

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