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Huabao International and Infosys Signed Cooperation Agreement and CRM Project Launched Successfully


On June 11, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Huabao International Holdings Limited and Infosys and the launch ceremony of the CRM project was held in the Shanghai Hall of Huabao International’s management headquarters in Beijing. Mr. XIA Liqun, President of the Group, and relevant personnel of the Company attended the ceremony. Infosys commissions its China Company CEO Rangarajan V.R to attend the ceremony.

President XIA mentioned in his speech that Infosys as a world famous provider of software service had accumulated rich experience in software outsourcing and consulting service and hoped that it could build up information-based construction mode with the characteristics of Huabao and suited to the long-term and healthy development of the company relying on its rich experience and professional strength to provide overall consulting service and technical service for Huabao and promote the development of its industrial sectors.

Mr. Rangarajan said Infosys had paid great attention to the cooperation with Huabao International and would rely on its professional quality and rich experience to provide all-round and professional consulting service and technical support for Huabao according to the latest strategic planning of the Company and hoped that both sides could take advantage of the cooperation to carry out more comprehensive and deeper cooperation.

The signing of the cooperation agreement and the launch of the CRM project is another great move of the Group towards its strategic target of management informationization. Following the transformation of the world industry into the 4.0 era and under the influence of the Internet +thinking, the Group will continue to take new and effective measures to comprehensively practice the strategic target of management informationization and provide reliable guarantee and strong information service and platform support for the future transformation and development of Huabao International.

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