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Three Technology Projects Led by Guangdong Jin Ye Pass the Technical Evaluation of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration


Between June 2 and 4, relevant leaders of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the 7 experts of the project assessment committee visited Guangdong Jin Ye and held the assessment conferences on the three projects including the Technology Research and Equipment Development for the  Pilot-scale Production Line of the Dry-process Reconstituted Tobacco, Research of Key Technology on the Improvement of Raw Material Comprehensive Utilization Efficiency and Research and Development of the Dedicated Pulping Process for Paper-making Reconstituted Tobacco.

The assessment committee listened to the work reports and technology reports of the three projects respectively and also checked relevant materials and examined the field tests and the running of the production lines. They also held questions and answers on the scene. After the discussion among experts, the committee spoke highly of the three projects. Among them, the dry-process reconstituted tobacco project has made great innovation and breakthrough of the tobacco reproduction technology and has successfully developed the first pilot-scale product line for the dry-process reproduction of tobacco with proprietary intellectual property rights, which is regarded to have reached the world advanced level. The utility improvement project enables the highly-efficient use of ingredients of the paper-making reconstituted tobacco. Many of the innovative achievements are original and have great values of guidance and reference for the industry. The research achievements are regarded to have reached the world advanced level. The pulping project has developed a number of modes and technologies suited to the pulping technologies for paper-making reconstituted tobacco. The technology achievement has great values of guidance and reference for the industry and has reached domestic advanced level. The experts spoke highly of the reproduction of tobacco with dry method. LI Tao, Director of the Assessment Committee, said, “The dry-process reconstituted tobacco technology not only realizes low water consumption and wastewater emission, but also have great advantage over other reproduced tobacco with traditional paper-making methods in the bulk of products and performance in reducing harmful components in the smoke of the products. It could effectively keep the original fragrance of the tobacco with better absorption quality and is suited to be used in top-grade cigarette.

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