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"Standpoint" Micro-film Premiere cum New SPV Product Press Launch Took Place Grandly

Correspondent / Weizhen Mao







On June 6, 2015, "Standpoint" micro-film premiere cum new SPV product press launch grandly took place at 1933 Old Field Square, the new fashion landmark of Shanghai. In this premiere cum press launch, Mr. Feng Shaofeng, one of the most popular domestic movie stars (starring in the micro-movie "Standpoint"), was invited as a guest and Mr. Huang Xi, renowned for his global Chinese talk show, served as the host. Also, guests from over 20 investment institutions worldwide and from industries of flavors, fashion and media showed up, all celebrating this festival!"Standpoint" is a micro film invested by Standpoint Electronic Technology Development (Shanghai) Ltd. of Huabao International Holdings Co., Ltd. employing high-quality production team to create China’s first all-star micro-film. This micro film has a total of five episodes and its trailer was released in this premiere. The first episode will be screened online at the end of June, and the remaining four episodes will be screened at the end of July, August, September and October respectively. Please stay tuned to Youku, Tudou, Sohu, Tencent and other mainstream video sites!

As part of this conference blockbuster, Standpoint Technology released its latest second-generation SPV products globally for the first time. The new product revealed more convenient magnetic touch access technology, more efficient design of top charging and more practical charging function, which was sought after by guests and media. On-site signing ceremony exhibited the confidence of dealers towards Standpoint Technology.

This "Standpoint" micro-film premiere cum new SPV product press launch is Standpoint Technology’s another masterpiece of “big brand management”. At present, Standpoint Technology, which has cooperated with TMall, Jingdong and other online channels, will gradually access some influential Chinese night markets, expanding its precision marketing to the most insightful group of people. Meanwhile, it will carry out strategic cooperation with the most omnipresent convenience chain stores in China, building brand control and competition barriers in traditional channels. Relying on the strong scientific research strength and reputation of its parent company “Huabao International”, Standpoint Technology is committed to building the first brand of the world's refreshing products.


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