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Chinese Academy of Sciences - Huabao International Held a Joint Industry and Scientific Research Cooperation Conference

Correspondent / Weizhen Mao



On April 17, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Huabao international industry and scientific research cooperation conference was held in Shanghai. Mr. Wang Yanting, the former director of the science division of State Bureau of tobacco, Mr. Hu Qingyuan, the president of Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute , Mr. Xu Ming from the industry office of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Li Huayi from the chemistry office of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Wang Guangyu, the vice president of Huabao International, and Ms. Yuan Xiaoqin, the assistant president of Huabao International , together with the heads of relevant departments of the Group and related business representatives, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced its industrial projects, while Huabao International introduced itself with highlights in the direction of scientific cooperation. Both parties had friendly talks and were looking forward to further cooperation and mutual development in the future. After the meeting, leaders and experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences, accompanied by leaders of Huabao Group, visited the Group’s industrial park in Jiading.


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