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Huabao Group Participated in 2015 China Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

Correspondent / Keke He


On April 1st, the 19th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2015), which attracted the attention of the world food industry, opened in Shanghai National Convention Center. Huabao H&K, Guangzhou Huabao, Zhaoqing Fragrances and Qingda Product showed up together in Shanghai National Convention center.

The exhibition booth of the Group had a unique sailing shape, which implied not only the success of Huabao flavor and fragrance business, but also the Group’s determination and perseverance of the second venture despite the tides of fierce competition in the market. This exhibition demonstrated the Group’s professional image and strength in the field of food flavors, fragrances and ingredients, enhanced the Group’s reputation in the food sector, and laid a solid foundation for the Group to further explore the market in the future.

In the afternoon, Mr. Xia Liqun, the president of the Group, and Mr. Zhao Dexu, the director of business management and information, as well as other leaders went to the booth to supervise work. Group leaders made further in-depth understanding of the exhibiting and positively commented on the achievements that had been continuously accomplished in the market.

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