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A Framework Agreement of Strategic Cooperation and A Project Cooperation Agreement have been signed by Huabao Internatio

Correspondent / Zhu Xiaomei




In the afternoon of January 20th, 2015, Huabao International Holdings Ltd. (Huabao) and the Flavor & Fragrance and Cosmetic Research Center (FFCRC) have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement and a project cooperation agreement for comprehensive cooperation on core common technology R&D, public service center construction and urgently-needed talent cultivation and training etc. of the industry.

Under this framework agreement, Huabao Edible Flavor & Fragrance (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and FFCRC have signed a cooperation agreement regarding the project of ‘Research on key technology of the separation & identification, simulated synthetization, high efficient decomposition and efficacy evaluation of glycosides biomass flavor in tobacco leaf. The two parties have had a friendly negotiation with regard to cooperation details, funds, the rights and obligations.

Mr. GungYu Wang, a top manager from headquarters, has had a successful negotiation with Mr. DongHui Chen, vice director of Shanghai Institute of Technology, and Mr. Xianhua Pan, vice director of Shanghai Research Institute of Flavor & Fragrance Industry and represented the company to sign the agreements.

The signing of the agreements strongly enhances the overall competitiveness of the company and provides a convenient environment for the technological progress and product innovation of Huabao. It is also of great significance for providing favorable reserves of technology and talent for the leading projects of the company.


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