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Investigation by Shantou Discipline Inspection Commissions in Guangdong Golden Leaf

Correspondent /Guangpeng Situ



On July 7th, 2014, over 40 DIC officials, headed by Mr. Song Rongsheng, the deputy secretary of Shantou Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission (DIC), have paid a visit to Guangdong Golden Leaf for an investigation. The officials are from different other districts of Shantou City. They were warmly welcomed by the leadership of the company.

After hearing the report of the construction status, Mr. Song has shown his recognition and praise to the achievement the company has made in recent years, especially the capability of independent research and development. In his opinion, the technological achievement made by Golden Leaf is of great market potential and enjoys a favorable development prospect. Meanwhile, he also encouraged Golden Leaf to enhance the science and technology development further and, by making full use the technological research achievement, achieve sustainable development for the company.

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