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A Technical Team from Guizhou Tobacco Technology Center visited Guangdong Golden Leaf

Correspondent / Guangpeng Situ



On July 16th and 17th, 2014, a technical team from Guizhou Tobacco Technology Center visited the facilities of Gouangdong Golden Leaf Technology Development Co. Ltd. Accompanied with the leadership of the company, the technical team has successively visited the workshop, laboratories and the surroundings within the park.

During the meeting, the engineers of Golden Leaf have mainly introduced representative achievements of development and application regarding reconstituted tobacco, which received recognition and praise of Guizhou technicians. Through the technical communication, the partnership between the two companies has been reinforced, which has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation within more fields in the future.

Guangdong Shantou Municipal People's Government awarded the Golden LEAF awarded the "large-scale cultivation of industrial backbone enterprises".


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