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Guangdong Golden Leaf Celebrates the Technology Upgrade of Paper-making Reconstituted Tobacco Production Line

Correspondent / GuangPeng Situ




Golden Leaf (GL) has held a celebration for the achievement of “Technology Upgrade of Paper-making Recon Tobacco Production Line” in Zilian Villa on June 20th, 2014. Excellent teams and staffs were honored and recognized for their great contribution to the project.

The GL project, “Technology Upgrade of Paper-making Recon Tobacco Production Line”,  has passed the validation inspection of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) for its International Leading Level on March 27th. This is a remarkable breakthrough of paper-making recon sheet made by GL. The Huabao headquarter issued an order of commendation to honor GL’s outstanding contribution to the development of recon tobacco industry.

The GL staff promise to inherit and promote the Golden Leaf Spirit of being selflessness and innovative, striving onwards and  working as a team.  They will always be well prepared and work hard with passion and wisdom. They will also keep a cool head and seize every opportunity to speed up the commercialization of research findings.


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